We have record breaking temps coming to Idaho, and we have record breaking FUN coming to Idaho City.  Join us for an amazing weekend of fun in an "old time" town. One of the great parts of having our old buildings is that the extra thick brick walls, and the "old fashioned" fire suppression system (that would be dirt in the attic) keeps our buildings nice and cool!  Enjoy a piece of history, just a step away from your home.  


Tours offered at 4 pm daily all Frontier Weekend!  Reserve your spot by contacting us, calling or stopping by the museum and signing up.  Historic Tour includes a trip inside the Pon Yam! $5 per person, $20 for same household families, special group rates for 20 or more available.  Inquiries can be made on line, by phone, or in person at the museum.

           Contact Person: Karen Miller, 392-4550, secretarylg@idahocityhf.org

Missed Us this Time

No property of the Idaho City Historical Foundation was touched by the fire in Idaho City.  However, our friends and community family have all been affected.  We feel so priviledged to be a part of such a wonderful community, and a HUGE thank you to everyone that has come forward with offers to help.  To keep us all from tripping over each other, the City of Idaho City has put together a "task force" to keep it all streamlined.  If you would like to help, PLEASE contact them.  And THANK YOU again to the people who have made us all feel that Idaho City is a wonderful place, worth rebuilding.  We love the place too!

Joining together for a good cause: Welcome to the Idaho City Historical Foundation's Website.

For over 50 years, we have worked to preserve and present the history of the fabled Boise Basin. The Idaho City Historical Foundation, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the State of Idaho on September 4, 1958. The first meeting of the Foundation was held on September 23, 1958. At that meeting the by-laws were adopted and the first board of directors and officers were elected. Have you ever thought about how much you could change things just by volunteering? Become a member.

One of the important functions of the Foundation from the beginning was the operation of the Boise Basin Museum in the old James Pinney post office building at the corner of Montgomery and Wall Streets in Idaho City. You can learn more about this exciting museum and about our other historic properties by clicking on the "Our Properties" tab at the top to the left.

Over the years, the Foundation has acquired interests in several other historically significant properties, which are also detailed on our "properties" page. These include the Territorial Penitentiary, the Smoke Jumpers' Park, the John Brogan Memorial Park, the Pon Yam House, the Strauss House, the Judge Halley House, and the Galbreaith House.